• Reportage “TOP GIRONA” nº63

    By Maria Font | Jun 1st, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 Comments

    “Born to Anglès (Girona) in January 1982, I worked
    in GCA Architects Associates, an architectural and
    interior Barcelona where I had the opportunity to
    part of major projects such as hotel chains
    5-star beauty salons, bakeries, sweet,
    restaurants and even a sailboat award winning yacht.
    The words that define my style are: clean, bright
    and eclectic. In this regard, I realize integrated projects
    Interior design (development to full report
    photographic works completion) for both private individuals and
    I specialize in business and 3D images (renders).
    For me, every project is unique and unrepeatable; a challenge and a great
    liability simultaneously. That’s why each space object,
    color or props ready in its maximum expression
    perfectly in my professional point of view.
    My main goal is the customer always listening to her
    feedback because satisfaction is mutual. I currently have
    fortunate to say that both the portfolio of projects as
    customers who become great friends increases
    day after day”